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Personal Loan

Sometimes in life, expenses arise which we are not financially prepared for. It could be a vehicle breakdown, a medical expense, a wedding, or an unexpected fine. Nonetheless, here at RM Credit Pte Ltd., our personal loans allow you to pay for these expenses as they occur, repaying your small amount of debt at a frequency that suits your needs and lifestyle.

We offer some of the best personal loan rates and deals in Singapore, covering both secured and unsecured personal loans. This way, we can serve clients with a range of risk profiles and credit histories, allowing us to bring financial assistance to those who need it, whatever their background may be.

Furthermore, we also offer debt consolidation services which allow you to consolidate all of your existing personal debts into one easy-to-manage debt. Not only is these less stressful for you, but we can also often achieve a better interest rate, meaning that you will save money overall!

Foreigner Loan

Are you working in Singapore holding work permit, S-pass or E-pass and in need of a loan? Are you a new resident in Singapore and you haven’t worked here too long? Then you may struggle to get a loan.

However, here at RM Credit Pte Ltd., we don’t believe in discriminating against foreigners in need of loans! We work with various clients in these situations, establishing a personal loan repayment scheme which is competitive, reasonable, and sensible for people from all walks of life!


RM Credit Pte Ltd.

RM Credit Pte Ltd. is a longstanding and reputable moneylending service based in Singapore. We are a credit company which thrives on our strong reputation, and we are licensed with the Registry of Moneylenders Singapore. RM Credit Pte Ltd. offers a range of flexible and dynamic loans, enabling customers to make repayments in a way that suits them.

We care about our customers here at RM Credit Pte Ltd. To this end, we ensure that our customers are given sensible financial advice and that their sensitive data is handled with the utmost care. With our help, Singaporeans and foreigners alike can take back control of their finances and get themselves on the right track to success.


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Our Success Come

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RM Credit is a licensed moneylender in Singapore in service to all your financial needs from a credit company.

Personal Loan

Foreigner Loan

Our Loan is Transparent, Fair, And Simple

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